Luminous Multi-Tunnel greenhouse

multitunel lux 10

The widest structure for maximum luminosity for your crops.

In recent years, new greenhouse model with greater amplitude is revolutionizing the international market.

Novedades Agrícolas in its commitment to innovation and performance, designs and manufactures these new models of APR greenhouses. The new model is called APRLux because of the great luminous capacity it houses inside.

APRLux are wider gothic greenhouse models. APRLux model stands out as a strong, resilient greenhouse with few obstructions inside to make work easier, improvements for extra ventilation and immense brightness and volume.

When is your right choice?

APR Lux Greenhouse is a very suitable model for all kind of weather and high production crops.

It allows to obtain a large amount of air with the best microclimate and optimal interior lighting. Suitable for snow loads.

They also allow to be equipped by the most advanced agricultural technology to achieve maximum production and performance in your crops. The APR Lux greenhouses have already demonstrated their competitiveness and the great impact on crop productivity.

APRLux Multi-Tunnel Models

This model of greenhouse is available with two possible widths: 12.80 meters and 14.40 meters.

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Advantages of APRlux Greenhouse

  • Maximum ingress of light and volume for crop development.
  • More cultivation area and distance from the vent to the crop.
  • High structural durability and resistance to corrosion.
  • Few obstructions inside to make work easier.
  • Improvements for extra ventilation.
  • Maximize production, performance and production quality.

Materials and structures of APRlux

The materials and structures have been calculated for this purpose and always under the normal UNE-EN 13031-1 greenhouses, project and construction. The structure included in this greenhouse are:

  • Pillars and Reinforcements: Welded steel, hot galvanized.
  • Gutters: Ready for the correct evacuation of rainwater with great resistance to the medium and contact with water.
  • Gothic arches
  • Profiles and Belts
  • Double, Lateral, Frontal and Motive Cental Ventilation Systems
  • Enclosures of Plastic and Mesh anti-insect
  • Grilling for crops
  • Shade Screens and Energy Saving
  • Inflation Systems

Video manufacturing and installing suspended gutters in APRLux Greenhouse

Скачать APRlux брошюру

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